European Dental Center

Is a project in cooperating with the Dutch government based in Erbil (Kurdistan-Iraq) which is started its way to make a brighter future for dental health care in Iraq. The clinic has fully equipped rooms offering private dental care. We have established the practice with the most modern technology in the world. A fully computerized practice system and the latest technology in digital radiography, helping us to improve the speed and quality of patient care.

Since the start we have tried to change the local dental care methods to a modern and Dutch style. We advise our younger and older patients to visit us at least every six months for a dental check up. For adults and children! During the check up your dentist will check your overall oral health for any dental problems and he or she will make a personal treatment plan for you. Regular dental visits are important, because they help keep your teeth healthy. Your dentist may send you to the dental hygienist. The hygienist will check your gum condition, give you a personal treatment plan and if necessary she can treat gum infections like gingivitis and periodontitis.

Once your oral health is in a good condition, it is important to maintain this condition. Patients without dental problems don't need intensive or expensive treatments. But even more important: a good oral health is good for your general health as well!

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When you come to visit the dentist for the first time, an X-ray of your teeth and a check up will be made. Based on these information, a treatment plan will be made for you.
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The EDC-showroom (dental) products to dentists, dental laboratories and pharmacies. We sell only products with the best quality. You can buy here products from:

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Our Dental laboratory provides access for the first time in Iraq to modern laboratory services, such as the Everest system, which is fully automatic system for making crowns and bridges.
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Our pharmacy will only sell medicines to EDC-patients who have a prescription from the EDC-dentist.

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